Sunday, October 31, 2010

autumn days at home

Love so much when the autumn arrives. I love the atmosphere you smell all around, the cold rainy days that make you feel so confortable at home, maybe wearing a warm wool sweater, wrapped in the warming of a plaid, drinking a cup of tea, reading a book under a soft light...
 I'm definitely lazy..

photos via WeHeartIt, FromMeToYou

ps: I took some of the above interiors photos from a wonderful blog I just discovered: "FromMeToYOu". 
It's the blog of a photographer  who lives in NYC and tells with her wonderful photos frames of daily life, I definitely love it!

BL spaces: Architecture in Nature

project Humberto Hermeto: Casa MR in Nova Lima

Saturday, October 30, 2010


So the working week has passed. It has been a busy week (as always are) but positive, we had some  meetings, technical issues and building sites to follow, a lot of things and I'm happy to be learning so much!
Now it's time for a long weekend, I need some relax but I need to study too. Expecially I have to practice hand drawing in order to get ready for the examination. If I didn't have to study for this examination that's so important maybe I was going to visit my friend in London!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Good intentions for the week

feeling love in my heart

being sweety

put some fresh flowers in my room
wear accessories
beeing classy

simply smile!

BL spaces: Fabio Novembre

photos via Europaconcorsi
credit to Fabio Novembre, Pasquale Formisano, Alberto Ferrero

BL spaces: green living

photos via TheNorthElevation

Friday, October 22, 2010

.."polpy" inspiration..

My dear friend Polpy is in London for the next weeks, that's make me wish to join her visiting that wonderful town! I'm really curious to receive news and hear her talking in english!! lol

photos via weheartit
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