Sunday, August 29, 2010

BL books: EnciclopediaDellaDonna

When I was young and spend time at my grandmother I enjoyed leafing through books in the aunts room, yes I was just a little nerd ... In particular I loved browsing the volumes of the "Grande Enciclopedia Della Donna" (Fratelli Fabbri Editori), a veritable handbook of the perfect 60s woman. I loved the graphics but above all I was impressive by all the advises about everyday life, from domestic tips to social life rules,  it was a veritable compendium, intended to educate the women in all housework: from body care to recipes, from education to the children to etiquette to show off in public. All accompanied by photographs glamour and colorful. Every  page had a tip such as how to order your wardrobe, how to cook for your guest, how to wash your rugs,  at what age girls may  wear nylon-tights, or how to behave in a restaurant and all things like that. So funny! Unfortunately nowaday I don't know where the volumes are finished so I'm thinking of buying them at the used book market, to be honest I have already given an eye on ebay .. Besides I found that some years ago the Rizzoli Editore has published a volume where they make a summary of some original chapters, maybe I'll take a look in the bookstore..

beauty tips from the old books..
..old original books

the new Rizzoli edition
Some pages from the new edition:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Barbarina likes: Scrapbook

Do you know scrapbook? I discovered it exploring blogs  here in blogger, didn't know there was a definition for what even I like to do with photoshop! So I found some nice blog where some ladies (yes I find that is above all a female pastime :-)) publish pictures of what they achieve by decorating their photo albums by pasting clippings, notes and various decorations, that is precisely what scrapbooking means. You may also do the digital scrapbook, that is the one I'm starting to do with some old pictures of mine.... There are so many sites and blog about scrapbook where you can find ideas, galleries of creations, kit of materials and everything you need to start this funny activity. So if you may be interested , like I am, just take a look in the net!  Here are some examples.

credits to

credits to

Friday, August 27, 2010

BL movies: Love Actually

really nice..  beginning to think that Hugh Grant is really charming!! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


from the 5th minute it's fantastic, when Pocoyo start dancing!

BL diet

Lo Bosworth twittered about Skinny Bitch diet tips on her blog and of course I immediately went to read .. She talks about that book (Skinny Bitch) and says that she likes it because it's funny, it's written with an energizer tone and it provides many useful tips plus the reasoning behind every single one. Even if it's targeted  to vegans  Lo says she's not doing the vegan thing it go-around and she has  shown some examples too, that made me curious about it. So I took a look and I found the italian edition, I think I'll look for it in the bookshop..

BL movies: romantic comedies

In these last days I feel very romantic, I think  you may quite understand taking a look to the last movies I have watched! And if you have any other romantic movie to suggest.. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Barbarina likes: HelloKitty things

This are my last HelloKitty's things purchases:

it was like a joke, didn't know HelloKitty tissues really exist!

.. for my keys..

..for drawing..

..for my car..

and I have to take pictures of some other thing, like the white t-shirt "Kitty and the City"..

BL Polyvore InteriorDesign 1st set

This is what I've created playing in Polyvore with interior design creation set, maybe I need to find more objects and some room backgrounds!

Monday, August 16, 2010

BL beauty shopping

This afternoon I went out for shopping and I accidentally walked past a perfumery that is having a sale total. Cause it's closing down they are selling off all merchandize. It's a small shop in a small town so they don't have many brands but they have three of the most important: Sisley, Clinique and Estee Lauder (no chanel, uff). So I took advantage and I bought some new make up, the sale started a week ago and they have already finish skincare products I usually use for my skin type, damn...
I took two estee-lauder mat eyeshadows, a brown one and a plum one, besides a dark gray clinique eyeshadow. The brown one is perfect for smokey eyes makeup! I also bought a red clinique lipstick and a pink estee lauder gloss.
But above all I bought three makeup brushes, finally my first eyeshadow brush! I took clinique eyeshadow and blush brushes and a koh-i-noor  powder brush.
All I bought with 50% off!
So proud of my purchases!

it's time for some changes..

Today I just want to make some changes on my blog.. I would like to change the layout, maybe the colors, or maybe just the model I'm using, but I'm not sure I'll find something I'll like the same... ok, I'll try...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

BL Polyvore 1st set

Here it is the first set I created in Polyvore, the first of many...


I've just done, I joined the Polyvore community too, I simply could not resist, it's so funny!!
I promise I'll post some creation soon....
Take a look here:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

BL BeautyMustHave, part2

I took a look around and I saw that for your makeup you may find all you need in Chanel..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer discoveries...

This is without doubt my summer of discoveries. I awakened open to innovations, trials, even the most trivial of things. Yes because of the banality of everyday life this is, of a series of small normal things that I have shown as great revelations. And here I am with my small list.
First thing: I experienced on my skin that is really true that when a woman moves towards a period of change everything starts from the hairdresser. Infact, I finally decided to listen my hairdresser who advised me always to do a decided cut for my medium length  hair which I wore for several years.
And here's the summer bob, accompanied by a smoothing treatment for abandoning the middle wave, plus a beautiful red color, a temporary hair color, of course, that the sunlight reveals very intense. A hint of color to my total black look that this summer I proved to be a bit 'tight and, therefore, here is the new frontier of colored nail polish, mesh and white clothes (the quantities in this case are not text, even a white dress stands out as a note inside my  total black wardrobe). All lived with the desire to experiment and to reopen my life.
Also the pale skin color I accompanied by a few years has given way to a beautiful Golden Tan, I  mean the original tan, by sun, not by sunlamp! Yeah because the other great discovery of this strange summer was the beach. I pulled out of the depths of the cabinet two, three bikini and I went to the beach!
It has been a gradual approaching started with long bike rides, and the bit 'more open dress allowed the sun marked the bra strap. So I discovered to be responsive to tan and I started to want to expose my body to the sun. By the beginning in a very crowded beach, 'cause I was little embarassed of beeing so white! The first weekend has left the mark of a sunburn taken just as easily as a novice swimmer, and not tell anyone I live in a seaside!
So finally some 'skin color also! Maybe the melanin has awakened, thanks to the further discovery of this year: I'm eating a lot of melon! I just discovered I'm going crazy about it! So strange thinking about how many times in the past I tried to taste it and I was just disgusted ..
A little 'as has happened with "melanzane alla parmigiana” that I started eating just last year ..
So new tastes, the beach, the colors, the desire to rediscover femininity and take care of myself.
Some besties helped me to discover  tricks tutorials, snubbed so far, and yet interesting when talking about the basics of makeup. I learned for example that in creating the smokey eyes makeup, that I like to wear, if I put the base of a brown eyeshadow the gray tone acquires a beautiful, warm tone and outlines better the eyes.
And I found how works the base for eye shadow, how to use the tones of pink, how much sofisticated you may look with a beautiful red lipstick (I'm using a Guerlain one, so beautiful). I learn the importance and variety of brushes for makeup, hair accessories, like headbands and clips with flowers, bag accessories a girl should always have and so on.. And finally, here's my blog, free rein of my vein writer ;-P and, above all, a place for everything that affects continuously my attention.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

BL BeautyMustHave

I really like makeup and cosmetics, and since I was young I have always invested heavily in the purchase of products of good quality. My first kit was the cosmetics line by Shiseido Pureness, then go to Vital Perfection, which is now no longer in production (with my regret..), and finally to the Sisley brand, which still is my favorite of all.
It has as concept the Phytocosmetology, that means using natural plant extracts in beauty products. I love their Buff and Wash Facial Gel, that while cleansing removes surface dead cells and impurities. The Emulsion Ecologique and the Baume Efficace pour les yeaux are the perfect pair of Sisley product for the day, that I used with Confort Extreme Nuit. All these are without doubt  BeautyMustHave products!
There's only one note in  Sisley products: their prices (that of course it's consequence of their high research of quality). For me, in this period of my life,  it's a bit expensive and I can't use it everytime so now I'm using Clinique 3-Step cleansing set and the Clinique SuperDefense SPF25 as moisturizer together with All-About-Eyes. I have done the skin test (you may do it on the Clinique site) for discovering wich skin  type I have and then I bought all products right for it.
I am confortable with Clinique products as well, they have a great value-for-money and I suggest you to try them.
What I care in both cosmetics and make-up are quality and packaging at the same time. I'm not interested in having to many products, just  the essentials and as treatment I think important are: cleansing, toning, moisturazing and exfoliating twice, or once, a week.
Obviusly it would be best to use the day cream in the morning in sinergy with an appropriate night cream, may something for helping regenerating your skin, I assure you that when you wake up the next morning, even after a late evening, you will notice the difference!

For my Makeup the brand I really love is Chanel..

Chanel Makeup Fall Collection 2010

I found a very interesting article that explains step by step how to create a perfect make up. Here it is:

BL movies: Twilight

I finally watched the movie that everybody talks about, that all girls have seen, all of which have at least read the first book.. Have always been fascinated by the figure of Dracula and vampire love stories, I still treasure the Dracula with Gary Oldman! I was very curious about Twilight, but I never managed to find some time to watch it, maybe with a friend. Finally yesterday the chance to watch it with a friend (who obviously had seen the movie, but  happy to watch it a second time!) and I really liked it! I won't further comment the film,everybody has already talked about a lot, and yet it has been talked about due to the next exit of the last chapters, I'm just saying I really like Robert Pattinson character, as the Gary Oldman one, I think he is very charming and the story is really cute: romantic and with an happy ending.
Now obviously, I am organizing to watch as soon as possible (tonight) the second film in the series ..By now I am a Twilight addicted too..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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