Saturday, July 31, 2010

BL Beauty

Today I have been to the HairCutter, or HairWorker as he calls himself MHW.. I cut my hair about three weeks ago and today I went for a special treatment that makes curly into straight hair! It's a special treatment which consists of a cream that is applied to hair, strand by strand, then it is gradually dried with hair dryer and it's passed the straightener, always lock by lock, in a very meticulous way. The hair is combed and "stretched" so that "hair store" the styling. Then I was made a shampoo and apply a mask for about 5 minutes. It was incredible seeing my curly hair already lying when they were still wet! So at first they were only dried with a hairdryer and styling was smooth! Then of course was finished with the brush and straightener to the lengths. Now my hair are smooth, shiny and full-bodied, soft to the touch, and so straight! The only care will not bathe for the next 48 hours so that they can curl up and then it's made! I will update you in the coming days .. I know that I had to post a picture too, but you know I'm not so happy about my pictures!!! ;-P

BL spaces: Black&White

Friday, July 30, 2010


I know this is going to be like my MySpace page but this is BarbarinaLikes and I simply can not mention Richard!!! He's great!!! Love him! xo

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

When I was young..

something about fashion...

Kate Moss by Mario Testino

Claudia Shiffer
Milla Jovovich

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

Maria Carla Boscono

The Hills finale

credit - Mtv

BL spaces: Karim Rashid Pink and Green

No secret that green is my favorite color. I love every green range and really don't know wich one prefer. I just take a look at in order to express a preference but from grass to opal, from mint to pearl I simply can't choose! Not only I like green alone but I love when it's pulled over the pink or better the one that's called telemagenta (?). Here it is how a star designer as Karim Rashid is using them.. Enjoy!!


one apple a day....

It has to be the first in my wishlist and I hope will be soon one of my biggest purchase!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My perfect design

Some passions are like jokes or something related to the way you feel sometimes, others are your deep be, your soul. In beeing an eclectic and always changing mood person there are some things that I always feel like part of me. Among these I may find love for oriental culture and philosopy, for interior design and for 60s way of life.
The pictures I'm posting are related to all. I find a product wich I think it's the perfect fusion among orient, design and retro style.
I was taking a look into italians famous furniture brand when I get into the Moroso site and I discover the Sushi Collection.
It has been love at first sight!!
I can't belive I find the perfect fusion of all these influences! As they say in their site:

The Sushi collection is a sophisticated wrapping concept inspired by universal layers, found also in nature and architecture.

So cute!!

So happy for new summer nails colors!

I always love painting my nails with bright colors, red above all. We all know that a good manicure makes a good impression to the person in front of you, expecially if your job consists of illustrating drawings and project!

When i have no time i only put on a transparent glossy nail polish but if i have time for an accurate manicure i love to use red nail polish: coral, bright red, dark red (like the famous rouge noir n°18 di chanel) and all the nuances you may find.

This spring brought a burst of joy with so many new colors that only 80s punk used to wear!!

I'm excited about all these new colors: Green! Blu! Yellow! Violet and Pink in all its nuances.

All my friends know i love green so i really appreciate when chanel launched the new limited edition color Jade. And obviously the first new color i bought was the Green one!

Then i tried many other colors and i'm still searching for new.

So happy for all of these and for the fact that you may find cheaper brands that make you able to enjoy all the nuances you want!
A little touch of color for who, like me, is a total black wearing!!

Let's start!!

So it's time to get started!
I would like to share few things i really love in this summer days starting from what I just rediscovered even i know it's not new: do you know how lovely are Hello Kitty things??! I really love them!
About 3 years ago I bought a bag, a purse and some other gadgets of this cute pink kitty and i really love them. There was a shop in Florence where you could find everything from clothing accesories to kitchen stoves, to stationery items, to costume jewelry. Everything! When you went inside this shop it was like a fantasy world.. Then I don't know why i stopped using.. Sometimes happens, you have to change.

Well, now, thanks to a friend, it's time to came back in time, or better to fall in love again with all about Sanrio world!! I think Hello Kitty world it's so lovely, so girly, yeah, i think it's what you can properly define "one girl thing"! and it really makes you smile! For me it's like a joke.

As always happens when i fall in love with something, i began looking for accessories, pictures and ideas about that in internet. So here i am proud of my last purchase done yesterday: a beautiful case for my camera. It's in black leather with the HelloKitty face on the right and it's perfect to bring with me my camera inside my handbag!! I also take a look to the cell but they are a little expensive for me :-( But maybe the mobile case would be nice too!!

Caming back to home I started thinking about decorating my profile with an Hello Kitty layout. I really don't like standard layout profile! Well, I didn't find pre-made HelloKitty layout so i start looking for backgrounds pictures for making one by myself and I find so many! and some are so cute! I created my personal FB layout using a pair of different images. Maybe the result is not so cute and maybe I'll do a better one.. You know: I am a perfectionist!

Well, yes I have to admit, I'm guilty, one of the reason for starting this blog was creating a page for all these cute HelloKitty pictures!!!

First: Few things about me

My mind is constantly on the move, many differing thoughts continually occur. I look around and i remain impressed by everythings, even banal things: colors, music, sounds of nature and people, just like the way people walk, dress, arise, things on the windows of shops, internet things.. All these leave a sign. And i like to let them influence me as i like range in everything i am. I love pop music, but also classical music, like Mozart, Vivaldi.. and 80s music from Dire Straits to Supertramp to New Order or pop music. I love Pharrel Williams, Madonna and Daft Punk, Richard Ashcroft but the Garage House music of KayRush Unlimited too. Sometimes i feel like a women in career and i like to act like this, but others i find myself admiring Hello Kitty and all pink things just like a teenager.
I like enjioing girlfriends company as well as i like standing alone at home..
Spending a day shopping in downtown or just going to the countryside for a picnic lunch.

I think that I can define myself a person truly eclectic! So I created a place for all the things I like and I would like to share with you all these things of me, here, on my pensieve.
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